Sponsorship Opportunities for Food, Wine and Spirit Festivals

Food festival sponsorship is a way for brands to engage with a community in an exciting and authentic way. Promoting your brand around world-class cuisine, wine and spirits will bring brand awareness and build brand personality. Resonate curates a select group of the best food, wine and spirits festivals in the country to give your brand amazing sponsorship opportunities. Check out our food festival sponsorship opportunities and get ready to raise a glass to a delicious marketing campaign.

Food brings people together. A food and wine festival sponsorship is the ideal way to bring new customers to your brand. Sponsoring food festivals offers brands a huge reach and impact while enhancing visibility within the community. Let Resonate help you put your business in the spotlight and connect your brand with a hungry audience.

Eat Drink SF (EDSF)

Eat Drink SF is San Francisco’s premier annual food, wine, and spirits festival that celebrates the Bay Area’s restaurant community as a world-class culinary destination. As a festival focused on local tastemakers, EDSF showcases the San Francisco Bay Area’s gastronomic expertise. Over 60 restaurants gather to share what they do best for one epic day of food, wine and spirits!