Sponsor Opportunities for Properties, Shopping Centers and Mobile Experiential Marketing Tours

Is your brand or company looking to sponsor properties, shopping centers or other exciting venues? Resonate has you covered. We provide sponsorship opportunities at a variety of high-end shopping centers and premier properties. Want to bring your brand to life in a new way? Think outside the box with mobile experiential marketing tours. Resonate can help you find the right venue for your mobile tour.

Bring your brand to where your target lives, works and plays. From luxury downtown high-rises, shopping centers, amusement parks and more we can help align your brand with the most appropriate properties to sponsor and the right venues for your mobile experiential marketing tours, giving you the opportunity to create an amazing brand experience.

Willis Tower

For the first time, the iconic Willis Tower in Chicago is being made available for brand partnerships. An urban destination, it captures the vibrancy of the city and delivers the best neighborhood experience of life and work in Chicago. With unprecedented office amenities and unique dining, retail and entertainment experiences, this is the ultimate place to work and visit.


Macerich is one of the country’s leading owners, operators and developers of major retail real estate and offers an impressive collection of the top retail destinations. These developments are the “town squares” of their communities. Macerich is passionate about activating signature events and year-round programs at their properties. Many great concepts started here – including the first in the world Apple store, the first Dyson store, the first Nordstrom on the East Coast and the first Madewell in the U.S. – to name a few. Macerich powers retail success and is the top innovator and performer in sustainability for retail real estate.