Sponsorship Strategy and Activation for Brands

For brands looking to reach both existing and new audiences, we offer a comprehensive approach to sponsorship strategy, sponsorship activation planning and execution that minimizes work and maximizes impact for our corporate clients. We take a consultative approach to find sponsorship opportunities and partnerships best suited to attract a brand’s target customer, reflect a brand’s values and vision and produce the most meaningful results. Because we work closely with various rights holders, we have in-depth and personal knowledge of a diverse set of sponsorship opportunities. We also thoroughly research and vet all other opportunities that may not be part of our portfolio. And we help develop activation programs that allow a consumer to experience a brand, create a connection and establish loyalty. We accomplish all of this while keenly focused on optimizing return on a brand’s investment.

Resonate Agency delivers audiences, impressions and strategic brand awareness to countless brands across a myriad of different sponsorship opportunities.

Our Process

We carefully and diligently manage each step of the sponsorship process:

Sponsorship Strategy

Sponsorship Activation Planning

Sponsorship Execution

We work relentlessly to ensure a brand’s satisfaction and success - from sponsorship strategy identification through comprehensive metrics and recap reporting, and everything in between.